Christ’s Anglican Fellowship

“In as much as ye have done it unto the least of these…”

1. Sunday Family Worship

2. Wednesday Bible Study

3. Small Group Fellowship



Our Sunday Family Worship Service combines a study of the Word of God for both youngsters and adults,   devout worship in prayer and song, and a celebration of the Holy Eucharist all of which are provided  in a rich historical liturgy.  Our Sunday Family Worship Service starts promptly at 10:000 AM

Sunday Family Worship

Our weekly Bible Study uses a  combination of lecture and question and answer periods that reinforce the teaching of the evening.  Our study begins at 7:00 PM and ends at 8:30.  Refresh-ments are usually available for all.

Wednesday Bible Study

Our Small Group Fellowship is in its infancy and we are establishing our first fellowship group.  Once established, Fellowship Groups will meet two to four times per month depending upon the desires of the small group.  Because we draw from  three counties, we encourage fellowship groups to consider geographic demands.

Small Group Fellowship

On the third Sunday of each month, immediately following the Family Worship Service, we gather for a Covered Dish luncheon.  We invite visitors to come break bread with us and enjoy the warmth and joy of our members in fellowship.

Fellowship Luncheon

4. Fellowship Luncheon

5. Community Fellowship

6. Pioneer Days

Periodically, Christ’s Anglican Fellowship hosts the community to a Community Fellowship Day on our premises.  On these days we provide pony rides, moon walks, and other events at no charge to visitors who come to join in the fun and fellowship.  Picnic lunches are provided at no charge and a fun day is had by all who participate.

Community Fellowship

As a fund raiser as well as a Community Service effort, Christ’s Anglican Fellowship participates in Pioneer Days offering “Real Meal Deals” at reasonable prices to the public.  We also provide “Home Baked” deserts from chocolate chip cookies to Heavenly Coconut Cake. 

Pioneer Days

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