Christ’s Anglican Fellowship

“In as much as ye have done it unto the least of these…”

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About Us

Phone: 386-454-1845


Christ’s Anglican Fellowship is a small, family-sized church of orthodox believers.  We have converted a triple wide mobile home for use as worship space, and we have a Sunday school building located on over two acres of land that is excellent for our planned expansion.

Our fellowship strives to ensure that all who visit us are made to feel welcomed.  We provide a wide range of activities for people to take advantage of to use their gifts in the service of others.  Whether it is getting involved with our activities at Pioneer Days, Serving on the Altar Guild, volunteering to read from the Word of God during worship services, helping make arrangements for our community days where we invite the community to join us in a day of frolic, fun, and food, or any other of a wide range of activities. 

Once each month we have a covered dish pot-luck luncheon to which we invite anyone from the community to attend.

We also host community day events on our property where we provide free pony rides to the youngsters as well as free entrance to the moon walk.  Lunches of hamburgers and hot dogs are also provided free of charge.

Our yard sales provide funds that are put back into our community in the form of food, payment of utility bills and other assistance for those in need.

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Christ’s Anglican Fellowship